Subitizing Cards
Subitizing Cards
Subitizing Cards
Subitizing Cards

Subitizing Cards

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Use these subitizing cards to help develop math sense for kindergarten and preschool for numbers 1-10. These can be used for circle time, small groups, or one-on-one. Plus, they can be used independently as children can fold the answer over and see if the answer is correct.

 There are five types of subitizing cards:

  • Dot Cards
  • Tally Mark Cards
  • Counting Finger Cards
  • Domino Cards
  • Ten Frame Cards

 Other ways to use these subitizing cards:

  • To practice number sense as a whole group during circle time
  • As a math station for one or two children
  • While doing assessments to help see where children are at
  • As a transition or early finishing activity

 Help math skills for preschoolers and kindergarteners soar and give children the tools for math to make sense.

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